Why Nuns Live long, A New Trick

How do Christians Nuns Live So Longer . 

A research show how you can longer in your life, this is the way to drastic change in many lives.   

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A study by the University of Sheffield (UK) suggests that abstain from carnal pleasure can help you live longer than the rest of sexually active people, reports ' The Scotsman '.
Specifically, the researchers found that those meal worms (beetle larvae) that mated daily died at a much earlier age than those who did not seek to produce offspring.

Why do nuns live longer?

Michael Siva-Jothey, study author argues that although the mechanism is not the same as in humans, " the beginning yes it is ." "In beetles, mating releases hormones necessary to produce sperm in the male or eggs in the female and has a negative effect on the immune system," says Siva-Jothey, adding that the same would occur in other living things.
The researcher also points out that this may explain why nuns, who live away from physical pleasure, tend to live longer. "Nuns tend to have a longer life than women with children and most people know someone with a single aunt who seems to live forever." The question is, why? "He says.
Siva-Jothey says that our vital goal is not to live longer "but to leave as many offspring as possible." "So if you have many children and die young, he will have done his work in evolutionary terms , " he concludes.