10 Interesting Facts & Figures About Twitter 2016.

Interesting Facts & Figures about most 2nd highest Social Media Site Twitter.

Interesting Facts & Figures about most 2nd highest Social Media Site Twitter.

Who made a Record on Twitter ?
What is The Most Re Tweet on Twitter, Whose most Followers on Twitter ?

In last 21st April the 2nd most viewed Social Media site Twitter has celebrated its 10th Birthday. In modern digital world Twitter had started as new experience in the USA state California. Initially Twitter had started its services in 140 words per Tweet. Now 320 million people are connected on this Social Media plate form and every day they are doing 500 Million Tweets.

Ross Simmonds a professional working on the  strategy behind the implementation of Social media Said: that when you look Twitter's past  you known the Twitter had a short/less community. In fact, Twitter had designed for specifically for text messaging service, but now Twitter has used for various purpose.
After a long journey, working as a text messaging service earlier, now this Social Media plate form become a very beneficial tool who interconnected the People across the world . Every profession of life like, Sportsman, Politician, Models, Actor, Film star, Singer, Musician etc, are connected on this site. It may be if you enlarge your business, or your effort lead to convey your info/message to audience, or you share your common interest to your audience.This site will be beneficially for your every turn. 

By completing his 10 years this Social Media site, there are some Interesting facts about Twitter are shown for Audience. 
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1- The Most Re-Tweeted Tweet: 

On this Social Media Plate form the most Re tweeted Tweet was a SELFIE by American Comedian, Actress, Tv Host Ellen DeGeneres . This selfie is Re Tweet 3.3 million. The most Re Tweeted tweet  is also most famous due to it's the 1st of this type of nature selfie--- of Hollywood Star.

2- Personality Having the Most Followers:

American Pop star Katty Perry is most followers on the Twitter. On this Social Media site their followers has reached up to 84 Million. Throughout the world a lot of people view their tweets through Twitter account.

3- Most Mentioned Personality:

The most famous celebrity discussing & describing on Twitter is a Canadian singer Justin Bieber. Almost 1 Billion tweets are tweeted discussing about Bieber world famous celebrity. 

4- The Most Tweeted Emoji: 

Emoji are symbols, signs used to show emotion & feelings on social media sites. The Emoji who used the most on Twitter is "Tears of joy". This sign is used almost 14.5 billion on Twitter.

5- The Most Tagged City:

On this Social Media site the most tagged city is São Paulo, Brazil. It is located on the north of Brazil. #SaoPoulo has got nearly 638 #HashTag on Twitter. You know  #SaoPoulo the most populous city among the cities of the world. Their population is nearly 11 million people.

6- The Most Famous #Hashtag Trend: 

 The most famous trend on Twitter #Hashtag. Most Tweeted hash tag is #FF. It means "Follow Friday". Through this hash tag old users pursue the newcomer to follow their Tweets.

7- Total Likes on Twitter: 

Almost 250 billion Tweets out of total Tweets of last ten years of this Social Media site are Liked. These figure are increasing till now, until a new button of Dislike, Love, is introduced by following most famous Social Media site Facebook.

8- The Most Famous Unit on Twitter: 

In 2014 the most famous unit of Football / Soccer is #FIFAWorldCup is held at Brazil. The unit is popular on Twitter. The tweets relates #FIFA per minute is a world record. The total number of Tweets about this unit are approximately 6 Lac, 18 thousand, 725 Tweets per minute. Total number in Second are 10 thousand, 312 tweets per sec. It's a World Record.

9- Who Got quickly 1 Million Followers Record ...?  

A famous American celebrity & old Olympian Gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner got the 1 Million followers on Twitter after creating the account. This record achieved in 4 hours, 3 minutes after creating the account on Twitter, it's a world record.  

10- How much word #Love Shared ...? 

The main Purpose of Social Media working Plate Form is also harmonize, brotherhood, Love to each other. If we see a trend about this, we see on Twitter the only world "LOVE" has been shared 34.8 billion times.