How to Get away from a Psychopath.

 Getting Away From Psychopath.  

Ask for help from someone you Trust!
One of the most comprehensive diagnostic systems for classifying a psychopath, a checklist prepared by the Canadian psychologist Robert Hare,"Psychopath Checklist"

It consists of 20 characteristics of a point system, the characteristics including mentioned being:
Superficial charm, pathological mendacity, lack of angel or guilt, lack of depth of emotion and lack of responsibility for their actions.

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Fame and fortune
Getting out of the psychopath sticky spider web of manipulation, charm, good words and promises on both gold and green forests, can be very challenging - not to mention potentially dangerous.

- One would initially think that it should go from a so-called psychopath, would not entail any particular risk. He or she is yes, at least according to the stereotypical image of the psychopath, regardless uninterested. There are many example of this has proved not to be correct, says Aina Sundt Gullhaugen.

She is research adviser and psychologist specialist at R & D Centre of intoxication - Central Norway, the St. Olav hospital HF.

Take all precautions
Right Psychologist Paul Grondahl PhD. at Oslo University says that it is important to take all possible precautions before going to leave one you suspect is a psychopath.

- Has he been violent before? How has his reactions been before, both physically and mentally ?, asks Psychopathic.

By asking yourself these questions, you are easier prepared how any situation can turn out.

- There is a critical phase as to leave a psychopath. Catch someone you trust and who can be a support for you both physically and mentally, she advises.

When to break up from a psychopath needs to be mentally prepared.

- It is wise to have a plan and that you make sure you get all possible support from both the private social network and professionals familiar with the case. One of the most important thing you can do is to be as independent as possible of what the psychopathic person thinks and feels about you, says Ove Heradstveit, psychologist and head of

No middle ground
Recent research also shows that psychopaths, on the basis of insufficient emotional support in childhood, trying to satisfy their basic needs for affiliation to other people. This is done both by abdication, and by involving himself too much.

- It is in a way no middle ground. One connects this with the psychopath dominant and ruthless side, or his need for control and influence , you get cases where the person is so dependent or interested that he or she is without a position to take into account that others will be in peace, telling Gullhaugen.

Gullhaugen explains that such strong demand could lead to that psychopath adopt methods other people do not use.

- This is to ensure that they psychologically need. At worst, it may revolve around murder, she says.

- The psychopath may be perceived as manipulative in their search for what has value for them, says Gullhaugen.

This can take many forms; from the use of physical touch, it manifest that they share something personal or important to you.

- He'll love it that makes you want to go, never happen again. Everything will be better now, and he promises riches and to get you to join. It's easy to be fooled to remain in the relationship, says Grondahl.

The psychopathic partner knows welcomes your weaknesses are, and will be able to put impetus into just there.

- For example, you are very anxious so will your partner threaten you so you simply do not dare to break up. Your partner will also try to give you as guilty that you can not bear to leave. In addition, you may be fooled into thinking that everything is your fault and that if you only improve you as your relationship will be much better, says Heradstveit.

As the manipulative psychopath can make even the best to doubt himself and his decision, you may want to have someone on the team as they will leave your partner.

- You may want to team up with someone you trust. If you have experienced or fear that they may become violent, it might be smart to get help for physical handling of the situation, telling Gullhaugen.

Just go!
If you have the opportunity, it can be a solution to pack your things and leave them in all quietness.

- Get someone to go with you to pick up your stuff. Tell the person with that help, that your ex is very charming, and ask for help to stand on your. Say you want support to explain ekspartneren that you are no longer interested, you've made a decision and stand by it, advises Grondahl.

It can be very difficult to avoid believing psychopath intense apologies and promises, so having someone you trust in your back to "back up" and help you to turn your back on, can be very appropriate.

- Especially if you have previously experienced violence from your partner and are insecure about what he or she can do against you, you'd do well to go unnoticed. Avoiding confrontation will be preferable as far as possible. Having contact with a shelter, and in some cases the police, may be required, depending on the severity of the psychopathic traits, advises Heradstveit.

Have you lived with a psychopathic person may be required to get processed experiences that you have had, both in conversations with friends, close, and professionals.

Although the breach afterwards proved to be necessary and the only right choice, many who have lived with a psychopathic partner still wear afterwards. One may wonder whether it was right to break the relationship, feeling guilty, and perhaps think that one should try again.

- When will the doubts starts, the bad conscience and mind that "what if we tried again just one more time ..." Little by little could be weaker and eventually disappear, says Heradstveit.