Does Racism lead to Fanaticism.

Racism VS Fanaticism A Comparative Interpretation .

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A conceptual approach about Fanaticism & Racism is widely Spread throughout the World .
The Majority of People considered themselves superior according to nationality.  ethnicity, religion, Ideologically. So the matter degenerate, when Superior people Tortured other people who considered them as Lesser. These behaviors are caused of hatred, quarreled, bloodshed.

To end the Racism , 21st March is declared as World Racism day. 

   This day is call to remember those 61 people who were killed during a Protesting against the Racism laws in Police Firing in South Africa on  21st March 1960. For the time to call to memory the Racism End day in 1966.

  Different ceremonies are to hold to raising awareness to end Racism on this day. The main purpose of these ceremonies encourage , prosper  & to crushed put back without color & Race. Like Every year, now this year there are also ceremonies are conducted World-wide in these functions full condemn against the Racism . After the Years Condemning on Racism in different forums world-wide there are nothing to stop the Racism. 

Racism in America/USA.

It is rightly that according to Racism, USA  on the top. Where Racism is under-root in the USA, society. The white American always remain in Racism. Due to their proud of Racism lead to Human slaves in the history of the USA. Black American nearly 300 years lead a life like slaves. They are called Negroes. They are traded in markets like slaves, white takes a lot oppress, cruelty on them. 
The blacks started a Movement to get rid of this slavery in the 20th century. This movement gave birth to a terrible civil war. Consequently, there are admitted the nationality and human rights for Blacks in the USA. Regardless of this White didn't agree to give the equal rights to Black. 
In 1960 a movement is started to get their rights equally, until now the black people are victim of Racism. Normally different events show the Racism. On the basic of Racism often the whites murdered the Black people. Previous year a Police constable was put a bullet on Black. So the Black was started violence in the USA.

 Racism is also spread out all over the India. Indian are divided in four major castes  Brahmin, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas, Sudras. In which every sects has own  distinct status, values, morals . In India belonging to lower class caste/sect like Shooder are facing Racism in the present age. These people have not right to live with their own satisfaction. These people are the lack  basis necessities of life. These people couldn't get their primary rights in the society.  There are much prejudice On the basis of language, province, area.  

On the other side, the Racism is assimilating into Fanaticism. In whole world on religious basis people are treated very inequitably/Invidious. With the Passage of time in the World social hatred, restriction is increased on the basis of Religion. States, people from different sects are discriminating and balancing are increasing against the other religions people. 

In this regard the Muslims are on the top, who are facing the main problem of Fanaticism in the world. You can imagine in this point, just only in 10 years there are 40 Lac innocent Muslim has been killed in different Wars & Civil wars created by other territories. Myanmar (Burma), Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Yemen Afghanistan, Pakistan are still falling into Fanaticism.

 After 9/11 2001,  "War on Terror" has been started by the USA, in which 40 Lac people are murdered. A report of US institute 

"National Counter Terrorism Center" shows that 82 -  97% people are general public killed in the War. 

Source: Daily Express News,  28 March 2016. 

(Translator Shafaqat, thanks to Daily Express News.) 
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