Skimmed Milk creates disease like Diabetes ?. Latest Research.

Does Skimmed Milk may cause of Diabetes ?

how Skimmed Milk creates disease like Diabetes. Latest Research-study results.,

Full cream Milk helps maintain the Glucose & Insulin amount to keep the body balanced. According to Dr. normally Milk is very useful for health, but usually it is considered that Milk with cholesterol is harmful for health. 
However, now according to a new study, results shows that with cholesterol, but without cholesterol could increase the danger of Diabetes in human health. 

A study published in British health magazine, according to them that full cream Milk is more powerful than without cholesterol  or with cream. While without cream, Milk may cause Diabetes. 
In this research there are more than three thousand people observed until 15 years. Result shows that those people who used cream Milk or related products was 46% fewer chances of Diabetes than who used skimmed Milk in the same period.

   Chief Organizer of this research said: that there is no evidence to point out in this study that those people who used skim Milk are better health than who used full cream Milk. He said: that it was not cleared that why the danger of Diabetes are low in full cream Milk product users. However, the results show exact.

Some experts said; it might be that full cream Milk are helpful to maintain the proper amount of Glucose&insulin in the body. While high cholesterol Milk products could be kept away you from hunger that is why it is said;
that those people eat fewer calories. He said; that these Cholesterol's works direct with liver & muscles, and in results it increases the capacity of digestion of food of that parts of body.

What's your choice. Milk or Skimmed ?