What do you Know about Chocolate Facts & Myths .

Brief History of Chocolate, Facts, Myths.

The Spanish expedition in 1519, Hernán Cortés introduced chocolate to the modern world. Then he called chocolate .In this era Chocolate drank it as powerful beverage. This concept was normal that physical strength might be  amazing by drinking it. In mid-1850 it had been different experiences in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, and Chocolate cast in the present form.

Interesting facts & Myths And History about Chocolate,

 Interesting facts & Myths And History about Chocolate :

  • Chocolate International day celebrate on 11 September.
  • Coca tree grows to twenty degrees on fourth sides. There are 40 seeds in a thin oblong pod of Coca. About four hundred pounds require a bean to make a pound chocolate.
  • Before 1500 BC, Coca-seed was used as money. Only a slave could be bought for a hundred seeds.
  • Chocolate was used as the drug in 1700 because the components were considered useful for human health.

  • Today Science has also acknowledged that chocolate can occur naturally useful components that benefit the physical and mental health of the person.

  • Spain's Princess Anna, the king of France in 1615, gave him chocolate gift on the occasion of the wedding of Louis XIII. From there, it was popular in France and then caused the boom in Europe.

  • Maya Civilization 2,500 years ago, people used Chocolate to exchange as well as precious gifts. Cacao the Maya word meaning God of the food the word when that language is called Theo broma cacao in Latin means used Food for the God.
  • The word 'chocolate' derives from the language of the Aztecs.
  • Coca Seeds known that the main part of the chocolate is actually called tree seeds. Grows in the seed pod-like fruit juice that is full of white pulp from farmers to seed Pod filled chocolate was well. Then after refining the seeds, they export to the world, where manufacturer cleaning it & changed into delicious chocolates after roosting & grinding. To making the more tasting it is include sugar as well Synthetic components in it. 

  • 66% of the world's coca production in Africa. This is planting throughout the year.
  • The greatest chocolate 10 foot structure was built in largest city of Australia  in Melbourne.
  • There are about 600 flavors are introduced. 
  • Just only 17,000 people are associated with this industry in Belgium.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte have chocolate every time and eat to stay active and alert.

  • The first time in 1847 Joseph Fry Have been Produced chocolate.

  • In 1947, in Canada thousands of children had been strikes and protests against price increasing of chocolates from five to eight cents....

  • Most Valuable chocolate bar in the world, almost 100 years old, it was discovered by Robert Scott.

  • In the manufacture of chocolate hundred grams of caffeine included, but includes large bottle of Coca-Cola caffeine as a large bar of dark chocolate....

  •  There are only purchased 58 million pounds of chocolate on Valentine's Day in the United States.
  • Brussels Airport is the largest airport in the world's top-selling chocolateThere are more than eight ton chocolate sold every year.
  • Medical research have been proven that there are a number of natural ingredients in the chocolate that make Pleasant mood.

Source:  Express News