10 Food Items that make you Smarter, Lose Weight fastly.

How to Lose Weight from Eating Food Rather Without exercise .

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Summer is coming! Do you want to lose weight as fast a few pounds and slightly tighter in your own skin? Replace your bad snacking on these healthy snacks and then you have one in no time sexy summer body.
During the cold winter months, it was our favorite night spending: stretched out on the couch with Netflix, tea and chocolate. Lots of chocolate. But summer is coming and before you know you should be bikini weather. Even though we snatch it up all day with cookies, chips and chocolate, very healthy, it is not.Looking for healthy snacks?

These foods will make you smarter due eat less.

Forget about all those weird diets, several studies have shown that a handful of walnuts can significantly help in weight loss. They also contribute to heart health and lower cholesterol. now choose a hand (unsalted) nuts instead of a handful of chips.
Almonds are one of the healthiest nuts. They are packed with vitamins and minerals and are good for your heart, blood vessels and skin. Although they are high in calories these nuts can help you do to lose weight.Almonds contain many single saturated fats, protein and fiber, thus denotes longer. 
Green tea
Here in the newsroom we prefer to drink teas with strawberries or orange flavor. But it might be time for a change. Not for nothing is there drinking lots of green tea for years in China. Green tea may include help to speed up your metabolism, so you'll burn more.

Breakfast you invariably with brown bread and cheese? Maybe it's time for your regular breakfast agrees to exchange for a bowl of oatmeal. The fiber in oatmeal will make you more satisfied and less inclined to quick snacks. Fibers also have a positive effect on your metabolism and digestion. Oatmeal to make a bit tasty, mix it with almond or coconut milk, apple, banana, raspberries and add an extra few cinnamon.

This delicious chickpea spread is not only delicious on bread and crackers, as well as groentedip. The smeerseltje is rich in protein, give you a feeling of fullness and therefore helps to keep your blood sugar under control. 

Lemon Exotic fruit has a cleansing effect. Lemon juice is acidic and ensure that your metabolism will work faster. Replace soda or lemonade water with lemon. 

Research shows that Yogurt is very helpful to maintain to body weight. Yogurt helps you maintain your blood sugar levels. In addition, yogurt contains probiotics and these fabrics have a positive effect on your intestinal flora and digestive system.  

Celery Have you ever wondered why women who are dieting are always nibbling on celery? A handful of celery contains about 20 calories. A march has soon 270. Celery you can eat without it to arrive. The fruit has anti-inflammatory and diuretic function. Thanks so healthy!

This tropical fruit is packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants and is awfully healthy. Pineapple is low in calories but still feel full. Pineapple contains an enzyme that promotes bowel movements and goes against bloating.

Is there anything that is not delicious with avocado? Bread, crackers, rice cakes, in a salad or simply with a little salt and pepper. Avocado is rich in fat, but these are good unsaturated fats. Yet this small green vetbommetje is certainly not unhealthy. Avocados makes you feel full so you grab fast to other snack.

Source,      Ze.nl