Cheapest, Smallest All-in-One-Mini PC of the World.

Smallest All in One Touch Mini PC of the World, Gole1.

Chinese company has made the all in one the smallest computer that can be used as the Windows Phone Android.

Although many companies have introduced small computer but do not have screen on them. 
Now a Chinese company developed a smaller but full computer that can be placed easily into pocket. 

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This computer has a 5 inches HD screen, but that can be connected larger display and projector with HDMI cable, While this computer called a Gole1, the early price this computer is 79 US dollars only. However  it is expected it original price is $ 99.

This system has a display Working through Window 10 operating system, in which Window 10 has used as a operating system, normally it is in list of touch screen tablet, so there are no price of window license fee. Furthermore, it has a Android Lollipop, so you can use it as smartphone. 

Gole1 has all the features like a normal laptop. In which a small antenna is available for improves Wi-Fi performance as well its 2600mah battery has the power to work a half to 2 hours. 
It has support SD card to increasing the storage and an additional drive may be stuck at the bottom.

You can office work on this, watch movies and play games, and more. So it's a wonderful computer to function from its price, which is being sold online all over the world to China.

Dimensions/Featured of All-in-One Touch Mini PC Gole1 Computer.

The Gole 1 is powered by an Intel quad-core processor (Cherry Trail Z8300), which is clocked at 1.44 to 1.84 gigahertz. 
The memory is, depending on version two or four of the internal flash memory 32 or 64 gigabytes gigabytes. 
The dimensions of the Gole 1 amounted to 135.4 times 90.4 times 20 millimeters - and including the built-in five-inch displays. 
This dissolves with 1,280 x 720 pixels. 
The mini-PC connects via the 100 Mbit / s-capable Ethernet connection OR via WLAN (802.11 b / g / n) to the Internet, And Bluetooth 4.0 is onboard. 
As connections the device brings a HDMI and a TF card slot (for memory cards up to 64 gigabytes). 
In addition, various USB ports are integrate

(Source :  Indiegogo)