You should know about Top 10 Universities of the World 2016

Top 10 Best Universities of the World 2016.

The Universities from English-speaking countries are top all over the world.
According to "Times Higher Education Supplement" has released a list of 24 universities, in which 16 in US and 6 Universities are located in UK, which shows the quality of education in these countries. 
Besides these two countries, one, one university is located in Canada and Switzerland from the world's best universities.
The rankings are based on the results of teaching, research and reference, and a few other aspects have been taken into account. 

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Top 10 World Universities Ranking 2016.

10. University of Chicago, USA.
Studying Points: 85.7
Research Points: 88.9
Total Points:  87.9%
 There are many great personalities just like Bailo, Susan Sontag had learnt from from the University of Chicago. 

9. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland.
Studying Points: 77
Research Points: 95
Total Points: 88.3 %
By making leaps & bounds the Swiss Federal has come in "Top 10". It is famous for his wonderful research work, natural sciences & studying in technologies. 21 Nobel award winner famous personalities have got their education here or teach at here. 

8. Imperial College London, England.
Studying Points: 83.3
Research Points: 88.5
Total Points:  89.1%
In In previous years with one growth rate, the Imperial college is a leading institution of science. It is very popular in college foreign students in central London. 51 per cent of the students are foreign.

7. Princeton University, USA.
Studying Points: 85.1
Research Points: 91.9
Total Points: 90.1%
Princeton offers housing facility to undergraduate student for all four years of education. 98 percent of students live on campus. The surrounding area is very beautiful and quite popular among tourists. 8 million people every year come to visit the campus, generating revenues of $ 2 billion for the academics .

6. Harvard University, USA.
Studying Points: 83.6
Research Points: 99
Total Points: 91.6%
The four levels decline compared to last year ,Harvard is one of the world's best educational institution. It is the oldest university in the United States.

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.
Studying Points: 89.4
Research Points: 88.6
Total Points: 92%
85 Nobel Laureates who have studied at MIT. The University was established in 1861 and is considered a great name in innovation. Currently graduates from this University run 30 thousand companies.- 

4. University of Cambridge, England. 
Studying Points: 88.2 
Research Points: 96.7
Total Points:  92.8%
One level up compared as last year, Cambridge is not older than Oxford University but considered it the world's oldest university with 800 years. There are more than 100 libraries with 15 million books stored.

3. Stanford University, USA.  
Studying Points: 92.5
Research Points: 98.9
Total Points:  93.9%
One of the big US campuses, Stanford is located near the Silicon Valley in San Francisco. President Herbert Hoover were among the first class of the Stanford starting in 1895. Sally Ride, the first American woman to enter in space was also graduated from there in 1973.

2. University of Oxford, England.
Studying Points: 86.5
Research Points: 98.9
Total Points:  94.2%
Compared to last year one level up the Oxford has become the best university in the world and outside the USA. For an institution that was established in 1096 It is a great honor. Its graduates include 30 world leaders and 26 became prime minister of Britain.

1. California Institute of Technology, USA.
Studying Points: 95.6
Research Points: 97.6
Total Points:  95.2%
The second consecutive year the world's best university, Caltech. Due to his teaching, industrial revenue, ranks the results of a research work. It is popular due course of Science and Engineering and the only success behind the degrees got from here.

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