Really modesty adorns You !

Why Modesty Adorns You. Right !

While You don't fast "No" and is seen as a nice and helpful person.  All Characteristics of purebred modester. Do not be Crazy and embrace your modesty, it decorates you! 

Why modesty adorns you right, modesty apparal.

While modest people are sometimes found annoying, we found lots of reasons to negate this right again. We believe namely that modesty adorns someone just huge!

Is not it true, humble people are often the nicest people walking around there. Modesty is so much better than arrogance? In addition, modest people experienced very sympathetic people, wham stitch it in your pocket! Do not be ashamed for your modesty, it decorates your right! 

His humble people awfully helpful. Again, you do not hear call quick "no." So you can use a little help, will moderate the one friend of yours certainly help a moment! Still, nice to always be able to count on someone, right? 


Sponaantje fact is that humble people also have another more spontaneous and impulsive. Want your  bestie last minute  to book a trip to Paris, then you're the one who immediately ready with your suitcase. You're always like purebred bescheidenaar(Modesty) for spontaneous things. Always nice if someone around you!

You get very far with it
Yes really. People who are humble to say quickly 'yes', and often say 'yes' you get very far! Do you often say 'no', then you will eventually work against. People do not come to you because they know beforehand what kind of response they can expect. As soon as you say 'yes', you do not admit to your insecurities. That's a good thing ! 

Good sex life 
Huh, what does that have to do with each other? Well, this so if your boyfriend / scratching something new wants to try between the sheets, you probably say yes. Oh, and try new things when it comes to a game of hot and steamy , is awfully good for your sex life. This will prevent you get into a rut and dead things are normal. 

Thanks for companionship
Have you ever ever been around someone who is anything but modest and almost every question says no? Yes? Well then you can therefore understand that humble people are awfully nice company! Namely, there is a wholehearted "yes" answer to the question of whether there should be drunk a glass of wine.

Are you a Real Modester ?