Do You Hear the Top 5 Most Deadly Poison in the World.

Top 5 Most dangerous/deadly Poison in the World.

Poison, whose name to hear is the first thing came into mind is death. Let's if you were asked what's the most dangerous poisons mostly people called Syanide & Arsenic, however these are a hundred times more toxic than cyanide and arsenic at least that we are telling you:
Here are Top 5 Dangerous Deadly Poison list & Their Effects.

most deadly and dangerous  poison list in the World, Ricin poison, Maitotoxin Poison, Botulinum toxin, Batrachotoxin, VX.

1. Ricin Poison. 

This poison comes from castor seeds and slew the Author Giorgi Markuf of Bulgaria who lived in exile in London. On the day 7 September 1978, they were going to their jobs, they cut someone like that suddenly felt something in the back of the right thigh bugs. He looked behind, one was picking up her umbrella and then he fled. When he reached the office and move him where he was taken to hospital in a state of high fever and died four days later. This was the achievement of Bulgaria's intelligence agency "umbrella gun" and died a little pill, which was poison resin. It is simply too dangerous poison that can kill a human mg doses.

2. Maitotoxin Poison.

It is found in some dangerous marine organisms. Marine animals and there is a variety of plants, which produce very dangerous poison. It poisons the heart immediately stops and takes life.

3. Botulinum toxin.

How much Botox (BTX) is dangerous poison? It will guess per kilo for any living body is merely a sufficient amount nanogram. The nanogram is one hundredth of one of micrograms, but that is part of the MG itself. There are 100 mg in a gram. The small amount of poison that is killing. This poison was a mess after preparing food in Germany when it first was discovered in the 18th century it was something to be poisonous. Botox is made for medicine, cosmetics and research purposes.

4. VX

It is the only synthetic substance in the dangerous poisons the world. VX is a poison that had surfaced in ICI's research while making pesticides in the 1950s. He had been declared toxic for use in agriculture. This poison is killing them by interfering with the transmission of messages between nerve cells in humans.
VX is believed to be the most powerful nerve gas in the world. 4 thousand sheep were killed in an accident in American skill Valley in 1968  by this poison. 

5. Batrachotoxin.

You must have heard that it was a weapon of the ancient inhabitants of South America, which blew up inside a poisoned needle catheter. It seems that the needle hit the target, the task becomes all.  These ancient tribes got the most dangerous poisons from plants and also got the most dangerous poisons in their skin resembles tiny frogs. These are called the most dangerous and deadly batrachotoxin of frogs.
The western Colombian people was got the poison from tiny frogs from a local black and other colors. It is scientifically proven that the only two grain of salt poison is enough to kill a person. The interesting thing is that the people who breed the frogs in captivity, they were not poisonous. It appears from this poison do they get their food from the forest.

Source: UrduTribe