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Do you know about film Industries of the world, Like Bollywood.?

List & Names of Film Industries of the World. 

World's Most Old Film Industry is Hollywood. 121 age.

There are strong relationship between arts & culture in the human history. During the period of time the these tries of exposure was being grown. 
The Film industry has playing vital role to describing the country arts, culture, values, morals. 

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Thus, the First feature film ever made of the World in Australia in 1906, named "The Story of the kelly Gang". The World most old film industry is Hollywood, whose age is 121 years old. 

According to the 2015 statistics of Box Office the World's most powerful & big film industry is in the USA. The USA revenue from the film industry is more the $38 billion. On second number is Canada, whose revenue from the film industry is $11 billion & on Third the China, revenue generates $7 billion. Besides that, according to Box Office, England $2 billion, Japan $1 billion & 80 crore & India $1 billion & 60 crore, according to revenue generating was include in the top ten countries. 

Hollywood is located in the heart of city Los Angles of the USA state California, this is also called a "Center of US film industry". The first movie was made in 1910 at here, was only contain on 17 minutes. Annually there are average 500 to 700 movies released on Hollywood. In 2014 there was $10th billion annual income of Hollywood. Most revenues generating movies ever are one the first Movie "Avatar" by earning $2 billion 80 crore, second movie "TiTanic" by earning $2 billion 20 crore, third movie series "Star Wars" by earning $2 Billion. 

The Indian film industry are famous as "Bollywood" it is also known as Hindi Cinema in past. The center of Indian film industry is Mumbai city. The old name of Mumbai is Bumbai. That's reason, the word "B" is extracted for Bollywood.  

The average annual movies are released in Bollywood are more the 800 that are 2x from Hollywood. The Indian are also more Curazy to see the movies. 
According to an estimate, there are almost 1.5 crore people goes to Cinemas for watching movies on a daily basis. In 2011 there are 3.5 billion tickets was sold for Bollywood movies that are nine lac more than Hollywood
According to Forbes Magazine the annual income of Bollywood was $2 billion 28 crore in 2012.
Pakistan film industry called a Lollywood, the center of Lollywood is Lahore city. For Pakistan film industry the word Lollywood is used by magazine columnist Saleem Nasir lived in Karachi. Pakistan film industry had started it's working in Lahore on 1929.
In Pakistan old capital city Karachi, there are big cinema industry, experts called it Kariwood.

Cinemas and Film Industry in India. 
  • For Gujrati Cinemas the word "Dhollywood & Ghollywood" chose, who starts it's working from 1932. 
  • The Indian state Jharkhand film industry called Jollywood. In 1995 a drama actor Sasheel Ikon gave this name to the Jollywood
  • The first film "Sona kar Nagpur" in NaagPuri accent was released in 1994 under the Jollywood
  • The Indian state Tamil Nado film industry are called Kollywood. Where are mostly movies released in Tamil language. 
  • It is also used as Nepal Film Industry or Kaliwood
  • Chhattisgarhi film industry called a Chholyywood
  • The MalayaLam Cinemas found in South Indian state Kerala called Mollywood. He got a High position in the World film industry due to their special expertise & high techniques.
  • The Indian Odisha film industry is called a Ollywood
  • The Indian state Karnatake film industry is called a Sandalwood.
  •  The Punjabi film industry of Indian Punjab is called "Pollywood". It is also used for Pashto Cinema Industry. 
  • The Telugu Cinema Industry called a "Tollywood". The main center of Telugu Cinema Industry is the Indian State Andhra Perdaish city Hyderabad. Though this term also used for West Banghal film industry & Taiwan Film Industry too...

Film Industries in rest of the World like in Africa, Asia, Europe, East America -West America and in Oceanic etc,

  • According to US newspaper "New York Times" the Nigerian film industry called "Nollywood". This term is used in 2000 for Nigeria Cinema industry. 
  • The film industry based in Dhaka, Bangladesh is called a Dhallywood or Dhaliwood
  • The South Africa film industry is called Sollywood
  • The Afghanistan film industry called a Kabulwood
  • The film industry in Palestine is called a Pollywood
  • The Film industry in Sierra Leone is called Sollywood.
  • The Rwanda film Industry called a Hillywood.
  • Kenya film industry called a Riverwood
  • The film industry in Canada called a Hollywood North.
  • The film industry based in Egypt is called Hollywood of the East.
  • The film industry in Sweden called a Trollywood
  • The largest & biggest film industry of China refer to Hengdian World Studio or 
  • simply Chinawood
  • The film industry in Peru (Peruvian) is called Chollywood or Choliwood
  • The film industry in South Korea called Hallyuwood
  • The film industry in Wellington, New zealand is called a Wellywood.
  • The Fiji film industry is called a Bulawood.   
  • The informal name of Gragon International film studio in wales is called Valleywood

What's Your Country Film Industry name.?    UPDATE IT  With country film industry...

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