How long beard suits you! Beard Styles

The Beard is Just Like Male Makeup.

How far should the Beard really be?
The big beards we have seen in recent years is definitely still popular!

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It says Peder Vigtel Wallentin, Senior Stylist at Adam and Eve Palรฉet in Oslo.

- "Hype" around the beard is partly gone, but the variety of beard will exist for a long time to come.

Lisa Fosseli Bjorvand, who runs Barberer'n in Kristiansand, agrees.

- Rich beard is still popular ; beard is like the man "makeup" so it becomes easy part of his image in the same way that makeup is ... You stop the not only with a beard when you first started, or what?

Beard can shape your face shape
So you have finally gotten overgrown beard long enough to style it in a certain form, it is thus no reason to smooth shave with the first.

It, however, you can successfully do is make sure that the length and shape fits perfectly to you , your face and your style.

Bjorvand explains further:

- As I said Beard in a way man's makeup. That you can shape face shape as you want, provided you have a beard, of course!

So you can according Bjorvand hide a double chin, and create a stronger, broader, narrower or longer chin.

- It depends on what is pretty and desirable compared to just you , and of course in addition to hair, face and body shape. For it is also an important part of the overall impression.

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So what kind of beard length should you go for?

Short Beard
All has to start somewhere, so it short and dense beard is simply a necessarily. And according Wallentine this is only positive.

- All dressed a dense beard! Most will find that the look gets a boost, and comes very lucky out of look.

In fact lucky that many stops here.

And are you concerned that the beard does not grow as smooth and rich as a sideman, you need according Wallentin deleted not worry.

- Unless it just get four hairs, so it is only to have patience for the beard coming!

And the barber has a few simple tricks up his sleeve that gets beard to appear fuller.

- A neat beard 
with clean lines on the neck, cheeks and fingertips beard is important that the beard should appear professionally and smoothly.

Then you'll also lighter away with a shaggy hairstyle and clothes look, add Wallentin to.

 Half Long Beard
- Men who were young in the 70s like happy these shorter beard, what we call classical beard, tells Bjorvand.

She also feels that the younger generation often adhere to the more distinctive beard forms with tip length and handlebar mustache, or a cleaner and denser beard.

And again, the height have something to say for how well you dress a half long beard.

- A very high and elongated man does not fully looked good with a little haircut and a short beard, says Fosseli Bjorvand.

It creates namely a bad balance between height and hairstyle.

Long Beard

Wallentin emphasizes that theoretically can dress any beard length and shape, so long as you are happy with it.

But some face shapes and beard lengths fit extra well together.

- For the smaller, narrow faces that are round or square is a longer beard optimally.

But no rules without exceptions, so you have to almost try out.

- A long face can work just as well, and everything from haircuts and clothes can help to determine how beard suits your face, says Walletin.

Bjorvand also recalls that the height may have an outcome of how a long beard looks like.

- Are you low stature should perhaps steer clear of the longest beards.

The long beard may become too dominant, and you may seem lower than you really are.

- A little man will have quite short legs with too long hair and beard.

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