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Interesting story of World's Most Miserable woman in the history.

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World records are made and broken, but the most miser women is the American woman to made a record could not be broken after a century.

According to United Arab Emirates newspaper "al-Bayan", there are many tales found of Grippy in the available human history, and also their greedy quotes are famous. 

However a American Lady Hetty Green name has been officially declared by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most avid of human history. 
Hetty Green was born on 21 November 1834 in the US state of Massachusetts (Massachusetts) New Bedford city (New Bedford), and she died on July 3, 1916.

Hetty Green had a great entrepreneur of his time, but she was the richest woman in the world. Yet it is a byword for miserliness of the world that the United States and particularly stingy in the Massachusetts state and those called 'Green Hetty miserly. Incredible stories of greed Hetty green are known throughout the United States.
It is common Folklore that the Hetty Green did not spend even a single penny in the life. More details of her childhood are not known, but after becoming famous personality in business has not even made a new dress for herself. She always wore a veil or scarf was old and patched and torn when he was wearing at the time that he would not wear ourselves down. Due to it's rotten in the state people called her Witch of Wall Street and is known by the alias.

According to the report, Hetty Green family was committed to the fish trade. Hetty's mother became ill, due to that she was send grandfather's house. In the age of 6 years Hetty was helping her grandfather's to checking his business papers. As though she received the education from his Grandfather's to collect money to not to spend it. Hetty was expertise in calculation, due to this his wealthy family appointed her at the age of 13 years as  accountant. Later in the 15 years of age she was sent to Boston city for further education.

Hetty was the only child of his parents. In 1864 it received $ 7.5 million in her father died heritage, which are equal in terms of current time, cost $ 107 million. 

Then her childless aunt Hetty Green died Selfia. According to her will the amount of $ 2 million in her inheritance should be given to a charitable organization. When Hetty was aware of the report that he will soon file a petition in the court and told that my aunt had bequeathed me his property and cash. The court had take the decision in his favour, and all that wealth got by Hetty. 

hetty World Most Miserable woman in the history and in usa too, richest woman.

33 years old Hetty Green married Edward Henry Green a businessman and rich personality of the State of Vermont. In 1867 Hetty Green already signed an agreement by her husband, which after the death of her husband's wealth was automatically transfered to Hetty. 

While Hetty has become the richest woman in the world at this time. Lator on, she started property business & take Investment on laying the railway tracks too. He put money strewn tracks in New York, which was growing days & nights in his wealth.

Hetty's wealth was estimated to be an approach that even the US government called her during the economic recession of 1907.

Hetty Green has 2 children from Edward Henry Green. Due to miserly treatment of her younger son Ned, he broke his leg in a fall in childhood & Hetty miserly was known throughout the United States. Father had already died. 
Millionaire mother is visiting the low prices hospitals constructed for the poors, so they had to amputate a child's leg in a cycle of free treatment possible, but the mother did not spend a penny on her treatment. This news was made known. Some people say that Hetty did not even bother to take his son Ned to free hospital for her treatment, to avoid coming to the costs of continued child domestic remedies and fall rotting leg.  

It is also known about Hetty's stinginess that she never washing from hot water to avoid expense. She always bath with the cold water. While never used soap in life. She took very stingy on food and drink, spend the whole day just two cents. The family also lived a tough life due to Hetty stingy.

Hetty died in New York at the age of 81. At the same time Guinness World Book of Record was listed as a 'figure of the miser (Meaner person in the world). Anyone could not break the record even after a century. 
At the of time of death she was wear chronic clothes.

 And his wealth was estimated at $ 3 billion 80 million at that time.

Source: UrduTribe