How Can be Simple Lifestyle Maintained.?

14 Tips On Living a Simpler Life.

 To get rid of things you do not really need allows for a simpler life with less stress. Choose one thing a week from this list and you are well on your way!

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1- Make a list
Make a list of the 4-5 things that are most important in your life, that you put most appreciated. Simplifying starts with prioritization, and it is these things to make room for in your life now

2- Spend Time
Find something you spend time today that you do not get value for what you do often as you do not really want to. And drop it. Call someone, send an email and tell that you do not have time. The relief will be immense.

3- Orderly Manner
A shelf, a table or a corner of a room. Do not attempt to take an entire room or closet, just a small area. Place all Real in a pile and choose only the most important, what you actually use and love. Discard the rest. Now! Place what you want to keep back in an orderly manner.

4- Time Limit
Decide for how much time you should spend daily on email, social media, scheduled tasks, watching television. Tomorrow you begin to comply with these limits.

5-  Simplify.
Is it longer than 10 points, you can probably simplify it. Delegate away, ignore or simply cut out.

6- Make a Deal.
A simpler life is about to make time for what you want to do. Find at least 30 minutes to think about what you want to simplify your life. How can you get 30 minutes each day to reflect on this? Get up earlier? See less TV? Log off the Internet? Turn off your phone?

7- Immediate Action
Simple and effective. Clear away everything and put it in a pile. Take on one and one thing and decide: Throw, disclose or store it somewhere for things that require immediate action. You should do this every day.

8- Fast Reply
An inbox full of unread messages is a lot of deferred decisions. Do you have 50 or under, you can consider them all today. Do you have hundreds, place them in a folder and remove them for you in batches. Decide one by one and decide immediately: Delete, archive, reply, forward or mark as a point on the to-do list.

9- Act More Appropriate
We rush through the day, from one task to the next until we collapse on the couch in the evening. Simplify your life with doing less and act more slowly. Eat slower, drive slower, walk slower, shower slower. Be present, act more appropriate.

10- Multitasking.
Contrary to multitask, you will be more focused when you concentrate on one at a task. Remove distractions and temptations (like checking email while you're doing something else). It will have an effect on both stress levels and productivity.

11- Clothing.
Take a grueling assessment: When did you last garment? If it's over two years ago, you give it away. Then you act according to the rule "a garment in, a garment out." Unsure of how often you use your clothes? Try to hang all clothes hangers same way, and flip them as you use your clothes. After a year, you can see what you actually use.

12- Books
Do you really need to save on books you've read? Is that bookcase fill, identity markers or dust collectors? New books can be borrowed at the library or read as an eBook.

13- Music.
How often set really on a CD? Most of the music can now be streamed, and unless you have super sentimental reasons to save the covers, there's no reason to leave them and collecting dust. Optionally, you can add CD's into folders, which takes considerably less space.

14- Products
Use the products before you buy new and throw on an ongoing basis as they expire.