9 Things You know why best friends are so Awesome. !

9 reasons why your best friend is great !

9 reason why you believe on a best friend.

You can laugh with her and cry with her. You share everything together, from your favorite shoes to the love brownies. And if you both once again broke his also once you share your last money.

Since you know her, there is hardly a day passed that you have not talked to her. She organizes surprise parties, brings you food if you are sick, you drag it to the best parties and on a dull Sunday you can have the most fun. What you have to do without her?

Honesty is the best policy
The real truth can sometimes be hard. Usually you'll be both not to jump to unvarnished opinions of others. But your best friend you just know she's just the best for you. She says it fair if those new pants you're not, your profile picture is not so nice if your date really is not that suits you. 

You can be completely yourself
You and your bestie can sit fine hours together, without saying a word and without being uncomfortable. They know you're still asleep with a hug and that is your favorite outfit your hearts pajamas. They know exactly when you're grumpy because you see each other so often that you even be menstruating around the same time of the month.

At some moments you have enough
You know each other longer than today and have countless inside jokes. At a glance you have enough. Also useful if you have to save her during an uncomfortable conversation in the pub.

 Help in making decisions
Of choosing a new job, buying new shoes to pick out a wedding dress. Making choices is not always easy. Sometimes it seems like your best friend knows you better than yourself. She knows you through and through and the next time you're about to make them able to save you time a misguided choice. 

You trust each other blindly
She has the keys to your home and often enough fall to the point. So it is no problem if they go out after four o'clock in the morning even when you sneakt inside. She also decorates your home during your birthday and she cleans your room if you're too busy for that.

One of the family
You get jokes with her little brother, your grandmother always ask how its going and even your mothers flaps occasionally together. 

Julie never stop talking.
Even if you've seen her all day, then you have to call to talk further. Even after traveling two months to discuss you enough. 

Her friend is a bit of your.
course, there are limits. But despite being madly, she always makes time for free. Fortunately, her lover just as much fun as your bestie. You often enough the three of us on the road and he feels just as cozy as they are.

They will never let you down
You have those friends who are there only when it suits them yourself. But your best friend is always there. She cooks dinner for you when you are sick, do your dirty laundry if your washing machine piece, go shopping if you do not have time for and hold your hair up when you vomit (of alcohol). She's good, but also in bad times.

Does your Best Friend is so Special ?