Facebook knows our sleeping Time, How.

How FB changing or effecting our minds-Habits & behaviours . 

Facebook cause depression and anxiety, death, divorce, relationship problem.

Its Realty! that every 3rd or 4th person of the world are connected by S. M site  Facebook. We spent most of the time on Facebook. It's true, it might be a way getting a little knowledge through sharing post or uploading useful contents, but mostly our youth is used FB for wrong purpose. Due to advancement in Tech there are huge increase in smart phone like, Samsung, iPhone, due to use of FB has increased. 
You couldn't denied of this realty, the excessive use of S. M site like FACEBOOK it might cause damage your mind & physically health. It may create jealousy with friends

Some are main causes who might damage your personality. 

1 - Affects on your Sleeping.

 Excessive use of social media disturb your kip. according to research in California University. Their conclusion is that, abnormal sleeping may create a wish to see the Facebook without purpose. While this may cut your temper & creative ability. Another study who take on 76 students in one semester for seven days daily. During this keeps an eye on them through a tracking device. Result shows that Excessive use of Facebook may create a lack of kip, Crabbiness lonely.

2 - Facebook makes a man depressed.

Spending most time on FB may stimulate the want of bitterness. So, you fell in depression, resentment. According to research of 2015 that FB users see the others lifestyle& compare themselves, feel like jealousy, those people feel more depressed themselves. Another research take on volunteers result shows that excessive use of FB can't directly lead to bitterness, resentment, but users first make spiteful then cause to mental disease. Though, it's rightly that people represent themselves better on every aspect on social media sites just like FACEBOOK, it's not possible that Happiness relate to their real life.

3. To reduce the battery of your smart phone.

Facebook apps may create a serious problem for Android, iPhone batteries. According to Facebook, they are trying to overcome this issue. For deleting this app you can save your battery up to 20%.

4. Detract your attention.

If your full attention is taking away from your purpose, it might be due to Facebook. According to a Happiness research institute, who take away from FB for one week are living better than others. In a Denmark Research there are 1095 people are divided in two groups. The 1st group leaves the use of FB, 2nd group continued it. After one week different types of Q's was asked. When asked to non-users of FB they told, they are very contented about their life. In which nearly 88% people are feel happy themselves.

5. Cause Relationship Problems .

Normally the main purpose of social media sites to connected people. However reality is that, make a difference between married couples. According to Psychologist, to check the FB  every time reduce the opportunities of friendship According to research in Boston University, these are strong relation between the use of social media sites, matrimonial problems&Divorce. Some researchers believe that, there are main cause of divorce between husband wife. 
In a USA research, researchers had divided the many FB  accounts accord. to the population of every the USA states, results shows that in every US state the Facebook may causing the Divorce. A researcher told that nearly 32% people have the chance to leave their house, 11.2 % people may live joyful than Facebook amateur.

6. Make your social life Ridiculous.

Due to depend on social media, there are some problems connected  to people in our real life. This year an Oxford University research result shows, even though due to social media sites the connecting with friends, family are so easygoing, but reality is, real relation is must be kept with confront sitting. Researchers claim that true relationship could be established with face to face visiting. These sites couldn't create a true relationship.

7. Most time-Consuming.

If you spend most time on Facebook you feel more boring. It's claimed by a Researcher. Accord. to a research this is due, the many FB  users think time spending on FB  is totally wasting. According to an Austria University research result shows that if you compare internet browsing you would known that people believe Facebook purposeless, less useful&most time-consuming.

8. How determine your interests. 

Facebook algorithm determined which post would you like or click on it. This process is called Aqua-Chamber. Previous year Facebook officials give the statements, they don't take the responsibility for making the Aqua-Chamber. However, this point is also close the real that only Facebook is the main source of collecting personal info of people.

9. Keep on eye on your personal record&analysis it for specific purpose.

A complex Artificial Intelligence system has set up in FACEBOOK , who keep on eye on your every click & automatically decided what you are looking for & how came front of you. For example, you like some post about Football, in next moment your news feed with full of Football, Soccer, news, transfer, live score etc. 
However now FACEBOOK change his policy, now your favorite news feed is also on the top, who might most liked by you. It means FACEBOOK has had an eye on your personal thinking, views, likes, shares. FACEBOOK see you those things, who like you.

 10. FACEBOOK  knows your sleeping Time.

If you agree or not, FACEBOOK has stored your personal info to understand you. He could track you by understanding your likes, dislikes, views, thoughts, e.g. when you sleep at night or when you awake in the morning. 
However now a tool has created by a Danish Software developer, by using this software FACEBOOK has come to know, when you or your friends are sleeping or awaking by using FACEBOOK date. FACEBOOK has asked to stop this tool, it may create a privacy problem, but still this tool is working...

Final Words:

Although, Facebook isn't a bad thing, it have a very useful effects, we get a lot knowledge through it, but the way of using FB is different of every person, it depends on us, how we use for your specific purpose... 

Wish you best of luck....

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source:   Dunya news digest, 20 march 2016