Most Beautiful Village in Russia.

Karelian village Kinerma received the title of "most beautiful villages of Russia"

The first written mention of the village Kinerma refers to 1563, and the Russian language name of the village means "precious land"

The most beautiful village in Russia recognized Kinerma(Kinnermaki) historic village located in Pryazha national region of Karelia. On Friday Tass president of the organization. "The most beautiful villages of Russia" Alexander Merzlov.

"Kinerma (Kinnermaki) selected" most beautiful villages of Russia "The inauguration will take place on June 10, on this day in the village will be a holiday, will sign the Charter, and will be installed road sign.." The most beautiful village of Russia "Then Kinerma officially become a party to the association.", - Said, Merzlov.

According to him, the historical Karelian village passed the examination for compliance with the criteria of the association. The title of "most beautiful village", in particular, gives popularity and increase in the number of tourists, he said freezing.

As explained in the management Tass Tourism Ministry of Culture of Karelia, the first written mention of the village Kinerma refers to 1563, and the Russian language name of the village means "Precious earth."  Now this village, which is a home to five people, located 16 houses, six of them - the monuments of architecture, aged 100 to 200 years. Every year thousands of tourists come to Kinerma, some of them - foreigners.

"At the initiative of Kalmykova sisters who were born in Kinerma, created a private company, performs the reception of tourists. It offers accommodation in the historic village, meals with dishes of Karelian cuisine, sauna black Therefore, visiting the exhibition dedicated to the history of the village, and workshops for the production of ritual dolls and baking wickets ", - said management representative Dmitry Bobrov.

International tourist brand "most beautiful villages" first appeared in France in 1982. Later, it developed into an international federation "most beautiful villages of the Earth", which includes about 20 national associations from around the world. Russian Association "The most beautiful village" was created in 2014. Its first party was Vyatskoe village in the Yaroslavl region..