Dogs are better than Cats. Really why ?

11 Reasons why Dogs are than Cats.  

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Get your hackles always stand up when one of your friends apron over her cat Gijsje. You do not understand so well what is so nice about these animals. Dogs are much more fun! And for these great reasons! 

It is on the editorial staff a real fight: Who is better? The cat or dogs. 
Today it's time to speak for the dog ladies. Dog lovers. The dog lunatics. Ladies, this is for you! 

Not arrogant diva 
Have you ever enthusiastic cat to greet your girlfriend, but she looked at you disagree with by that narrowed eyes of her? Yes, we recognize it. Cats are pretty arrogant creatures. They come to you if they want, but pay attention to you you nothing, zilch, nada when you want to cuddle with them. on the other hand are always dogs in for a big hug! Probably you again get a big wet lick over your snout because they find it so enjoyable. 

No dirty litter box 
Dogs make good their needs outside. You do not go to look, perfect! You do not have to much time to change the dirty litter box because Ms. Diva wants to do her needs on her own toilet. Moreover, you again save the cost of the litter box and cat litter. 

No sharp claws in your leg 
Yes, a dog nails. But its thick nails that they actually use only to dig. Cats have very thin nails with which they prefer in your leg hooks when they jump on your lap. No, it does not feel fine. 

No broken curtains
When a cat is a bit of a whine or annoying, it can still sometimes she jumps into the curtains. On broken curtains no one is waiting, so it is very enjoyable it when a cat tearing up your curtain to pieces. Dogs do not. They remain obedient to the ground and will not bite your curtains to pieces. 

Physical exercise 
A dog you have to walk. This allows you easily to your half hour move comes a day. Buddy keeps you in shape and moreover, he or she finds it just great when you go in the legs. A cat does not go with you to walk though, which is much preferred her own way. 

Never having to walk alone
About that walking spoken, you'll never alone! Do you have a craving to make a walk, but you get one of your girlfriends so far as to accompany you? Then you have you wagging quadruped or those dying with your meewil! 

dogs lovers, dogs ladies, dogs will love you forever than cats.

More love 
If you feel the need to cuddle with someone, you always have someone who is just a leg you want to save it. Even dogs can feel very good when you're sad and they push their wet nose on your face when you cry. How sweet anyway? Cats do not know. 

When you and your dog on a lawn to play and they run away to pick up the ball, let that thing loose neat when you ask her to release him. They will run up your hand again when you call her name. A cat on the other hand has at most d r muzzle when you call her.  

More tricks 
A dog can learn a lot easier to give a paw, to give a high five, to pick up the newspaper, to catch a cookie when you are throwing. A dog can learn a lot. Especially dogs are dogs! Cats can not hear.

Dogs can easily take it with you
Okay, maybe not in terms of size. But people look at you strangely a lot less when you catch a sidewalk cafe with your dog at your side. Sometimes people see a cat on a terrace? No, neither do we. 

Always happy when you get home
A dog is so happy when you get home. Even if you leave the front just five minutes to bring anything to your neighbor, you become welcomes enthusiastically. A cat does not come from her place enough, as soon as he hears the key in the keyhole.

Why do you think a dog thousand times better than a cat?

Source :  Official Ze.NL