Why we deny the Bounties of GOD.

Is GOD bestowed upon us his Blessings ?

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The Lord bless you
and keep you;
the Lord make his face shine on you
and be gracious to you;
the Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace . (Bible)

Then which of the Favors/Bounties of Your Lord will you Deny? (Al-Quran)

Ever Morning when we woke up to profound sleep from comfy bed. Sometime awake late at night & in the morning not woke up for enough time due to laziness. Some lucky wake up & thanked to GOD, some unlucky consider what GOD gave him,& why he Bless to GOD? He's very poor, miserable from other hundreds, thousands of people of the world, he has nothing. 

Every person couldn't feel happy inner-self. He feels themselves nothing, gave the importance to others & think others better than ourselves, because distant drums sound well. We might think that others are rakishness, but we don't know GOD better know about them. If you had a chance to know their physical , mental states, you will most interested to ask them about their Wealth. What do you do with this a lot of money at the end what, 
anyone who couldn't take any Penny from it after the death, or use it or couldn't take in the Grave.

 When you can't eat with your own earning, you can't wear dresses with your own money, You can't say rightful & lawful money and savings. Their accursed might be painful for you.

My belief is that, every person in the present age is a king accord, to his status. Who is rational, have a sound mind & body and know the good & bad things. Every person that couldn't beg from others and save his inner-self.  He has never any enemy, his consciences free from any burden and hasn't any disease without remedy. 

If you have a dress to wear even new or old, cheap or expensive. If you had a shelter for the living who made by Mud, stones, or cement. Before sleeping at night you've got meal of one time, even though it was Lentils, vegetable or meat. It's not mixed with forbidden and whoever earned it, whatsoever he take-in with full hard work. Either you endure in a bad habit nor a drug addict. Get respect if you respect to others. If you've family, mother, father, brother, sister, it's valuable blessings upon you, then you are the greatest Rich man of the world. King is one of hundreds, thousands of people not every person is a King. 

Our thinking is very limited, we don't how much blessing bestowed from GOD upon us. We consider some things ordinary like breathing, blow the fresh air without any effort, air in our body like an automatic machine and take part in our respiratory system. This inhaling&exhaling are very important for our lives. Read, write, speak, see, walk, feel, touch, doing work, happiness, anger, sadness, feelings, emotion, Enough, Enough. It's a long list of blessings bestowed from GOD. We couldn't count them. Just one work we do day & night  is INGRATITUDE.

In this world you may do a little mercy on one person&your expectation is that is other acknowledged by others. You may call to someone, at the end your complain yourself I call them, but he didn't thank me. The Mother makes a meal and give it to her children with affection, after eating a meal, if children thank to Mother, mother feel so happy,comfortable & proudly. So, she makes a meal more affectionate & wholeheartedly. The Father may do some jobs for her children, he also expects children thank her father.

The Only One who created us, WHO makes us to understand the realities of life, unable us to understand the good or bad things. HE couldn't leave us alone in every moment of life. However, we remember Him in just the difficulty. Do you think about normally? 

Might be not !     

Think about our life in alone, it's not OUR!

Now it's our duty, GRATITUDE to GOD for every blessing bestowed upon us at any moment of our life.... Amen!

What do YOU think? .....  Give your argument !