Biggest Diamond in the world for sale.

Century's biggest diamond offered for auction.

biggest diamond of the century offer for auction

A big Diamond was not so far cut from the last 100 years, the African country of Botswana was obtained from near the Capital city Gaborone mine 
"Lesedi La Rona" which is 1109 carat weight of 221 grams. A famous auction house in London will offer for auction this diamond June 29 and expects that it will be sold for $ 70 million.

Locara Diamond firm also sold a 341.9 carat diamond estimate the same quality for $20.6 million, equal to $60,250 per carat.

This Diamond had pulled the sling Locara Diamond Corporation at Karowe mine AK6 Botswana in November. Never such a large size and high quality diamond found anywhere in the world in the last 100 years. 
Expert says that this diamond is roughly 3 billion years old.

Experts says, that its possible that the diamond broke the record of World biggest Diamond Larona,  

is currently hold 530 carat Cullinan diamond "Great Star of Africa".