Chameleon change his colours, Really!

How Chameleon change his color.?

How Chameleon change his color, a small constellation of stars, Chameleon pictures, circinus.

Chameleon is a reptile & kind of Lizard. Chameleons or chamaeleons are a distinctive and highly specialized clade of old world lizards. Nearly 200 species are found in the world. 
 Chameleon is constellation of stars on south side on the Sky, these stars name has kept on this kind of lizard chameleon. 
Nearly 89 species of Chameleon live around Forests of Africa & Madagascar, south & Sahara. Chameleon is famous for his changing his skin color but many other lizards have this ability to change their skin color etc. A Chameleon might be yellow, white, or green color and the next moment he change his color in dark black. 
Some species lay two to four eggs, some lay bunch 30 to 200 eggs

Some people believes that Chameleon can save himself by changing its color according to his environment. In fact Chameleon did change his color in the presence of light specific temperature by enemy fear or change in its environment. 
Chameleon appearance and color change due to some chemicals in the body, these chemicals are called Chromatophores Harmon's. These chemicals effects on colors on the skin. 

Chameleons live on trees have Projectile tongue and Gluey/Sticky. Long tongue helps in prey. Chameleon take away his tongue sized his body as fastly from neck that human eye hardly view it. 

Some researchers said: that Chameleon have a dream. 

Source:  Dunya news Saturday 2 April 2016.