6 Simple exercises that you can do easily in Office, Desk Job.

Simple Exercises that you can just do at desk Job.  

Especially when you have a desk job and just behind your desk eat like ten thousand calories you burn, it can quickly deal with the kilos. Fortunately there are some simple little exercise that you can do behind your desk.

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After a long day at the office you barely have the energy to get your groceries at home and to cook. Let alone after eating still going knuckle bones an hour in the gym. Nope, bank suspended session is what can get your body. But very healthy, it is not. Therefore, we have some exercises you put on a list for you to finish just behind your desk during office hours! 

Legs lift 
When you sit on your desk, you do this exercise alone more legs to pull up slightly. It does not so far. If your feet just off the ground and not get the seat of your chair your thighs, you've already lifted far enough. You can of course also draw legs a little further up, but be careful that you do not duvelt of your office chair. If you do this exercise can last about five minutes, you will feel your leg muscles guaranteed.

Thigh muscles training
Press your knees as hard as possible to each other and keep it as long as possible. With this exercise you train your thigh muscles. You can also perform this exercise with both hands as hard as possible to press against each other. This train your arm muscles. Moreover, it is advisable not to take too long this exercise. Not because it is so bad for your arm muscles, but simply because we do not know whether your boss can appreciate when you key ten minutes untouched late. 

Contraction Muscles 
When you feel a bit of a burden to bounce up and down in your office chair, we also have an exercise for you who do not see through your colleagues: tighten your muscles. You do not have to tighten your muscles at once. Start with your buttocks and then like your muscles. 

Abdominal contents 
This exercise is not noticeable, but you can help a little in the right direction of those killer abs that you have on your wish list for years standing. You can include stomach as long as you want (or handle). You can also tie a string around your belly as a reminder that you have your belly when you withdraw him accidentally put back into standby.

When you wake up, you stretch you often here, because it does feel as good when you've just awakened from a mini coma. But even at your desk you can now and then stretching. A real sports exercise is not, but it does feel fine and your muscles are looser of. 

Cycling course 
You can also cycle a bit behind your desk. No, we do not mean that you need off your Harley Trapson, but simply the cycling movement. Pull your legs when you sit on your desk and make your legs a movement like sitting on the bike. 

What exercises you ever run out of your desk?