7 Remedies for Headache and Migraine.

Different Ways to overcome from Headache & Migraine. 

During the functioning of millions, millions of people around the world daily have headache, inability to explain the salvation of the drug for beetle eat these substances should be calculated at a cost of billions of dollars, said Doctors, many things can cause headaches, as a debate, a deadline at work, traffic jam,  may be good things even headaches.

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The fact that the majority of people are unaware that the pain is usually temporary. In-fact, that the normal goods can also be treated or decreases the discomfort of at least a few traditional items. Some of these are mentioned here.

Take Magnesium : those who often suffer pain in half headache (Migraine), they should include magnesium mineral in your diet. The lack of this mineral often causes pain Migraine Half headache. Magnesium found in chocolate, fish, bananas and vegetables.

Use of Vitamin B2:  In a clinical study, it is revealed that 400 mg of vitamin B2 significantly less the complained of half headache. Vitamin B2 found in nuts, fish, cheese and various vegetables and fruits.

Ginger Tea: Ginger is the best thing to fight headache (migraines). It reduced by pain by inflammation of the blood vessels in the head from headache. Take the three pieces of ginger put in two cups of water and covered for half an hour. Then they used to drink up in a tea form.

Drink Coffee: In a clinical research The coffee reduces swelling of blood vessels a ingredient in the ' caffeine and are also declining headache intensity. During the study Volunteers divided into two groups, first group was given caffeine pills while the other give normal tablet for headache. The results found that caffeine has pain in her head completely gone.

The hot or cold strategy: the headaches caused by tension, in a convenient treatment stemming dip a cloth  from it in cold water. Then they rolled it out and put it behind your head or neck in order to calm the nerves tightened. Try the same method to get rid of half headache (migraines). But kindly use hot water instead of cold.

Take Massage : Between the eyes with your middle finger or place the forehead gently massage . Rotate two to three minutes of your finger clockwise, it will come from a reduction in severe headache.

Feet immersed in water: when the blood to be triggered while circulates in the lower body, then this low pressure in the blood vessels in the head.
To reduce headache intensity that mustard powder in a small tub filled with warm water the and dip your feet in the call. Keep them in water for half an hour. Then dry out by towel.

Do you have a Headache(Migraine). ?